Positive Thinking = Make Belief ???

So true!

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I often get the feeling that many people still underestimate the value of positive thinking and optimism. Some even think it’s similar to brainwashing: even if you managed to convince yourself that everything is and will be great, it wouldn’t get you anywhere, it’s all just pretend. How sad… Fortunately, psychologists have gathered lots and lots of data to show that a positive mindset makes a huge difference and leads to measurably more achievements and other good stuff. Here’s why:

Two common criticisms of optimism:

“Being optimistic is not going to change anything, you can’t just pretend everything will work out, you’d be lying to yourself.”

“I’d rather expect things to go badly to save myself from disappointment.”

Neither of the above sentiments are helpful. Psychological research has shown time and time again…

  1. Positive thinking does lead to more success/ good outcomes 
  2. Negative thinking makes good outcomes less likely


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4 comments on “Positive Thinking = Make Belief ???

  1. I love this article on beadweaving. I am so new to all of this – but you inspire me to learn and try more. Thank you for all your help. I signed up for the Beading Daily Mag., I think it is also a part of Interweave and after reading your article I found where they were showing the right angle weave. Your bracelets are absolutely gorgeous. I know how to crochet and saw something on YouTube with beading and using a crochet stitch. I did not look hard, but I haven’t had a chance to try yet. You are right, this stuff can cost a lot of money, but thankfully we were given a brain that twists and turns and comes up with alternative methods/supplies and ends up looking just like the item we dreamed up. Keep up the great articles, I love them.

    P.S. I love the article on Thinking Positive – it is very true. If you want something bad enough, keep thinking about it. But the old adage is so true – Be careful with what you want.

    • I am thrilled I have inspired you to learn more!!!! I think it is great to learn new techniques. It gives you a true picture of what you enjoy, what you can afford, what you feel comfortable doing, etc. It has helped me think outside the box. You are right too about being able to make beautiful things with less if you know different styles.
      Yes, I try to remind myself that it is important to be careful what I wish for. For example, I hope my business gets better but I don’t wish it to be majorly successful because I don’t want to fail because I can’t keep up. Manageable is what I hope for 🙂

  2. Oh, by the way have you heard of “Tophatter”. It’s a place where I have seen a lot of artist’s going to list their work and then there is an auction everyday and evening. They let you know what time. I have no idea what it costs to list or whether they get a percentage of the selling price.

    Good Luck

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