Crystal Clay part 2

Who remembers my post about Crystal Clay from a week or so ago? I took pictures of my two rings. Each ring had chatons set on a white clay like material. Well the flat white background was kind of getting to me as I felt the chatons lost their “value” so to speak because they look like they were stuck on plaster. I decided to put shimmery eye shadow on the white parts and then use clear nail polish over it to trap in the color. Here are my results:

I am not so sure I like it 😦 Just for comparison purposes, refer to my old crystal clay post (I deleted the old photos, not thinking) The older picture were poorly taken so forgive that and try to focus on the ring itself. I dunno. It can go wither way I guess. What do you think? Did my creative juices flow in the wrong direction this time? Or do you prefer the new way?

Post a comment if you can. Feedback is awesome! 😀




4 comments on “Crystal Clay part 2

  1. I saw you beautiful flower rings, they look like a frosted crystal. If you wanted to add some pizzazz, is it possible to get like gold or silver pigment (powder) and add to top as it is drying? I don’t know, because i don’t know the process. And, after it is dry, if you wanted to add something extra, can you use like a pearl nailpolish and then seal it or they make nailpolish with flecks or glitter. Can that be used? Like I said I have no idea how the process is done.They are absolutely gorgeous – they look like the glass Lalique. I would love to know where you purchased this clay, if that is alright?

  2. There is a powder that you can purchae to go along with this clay but since the clay and chatons are a bit pricey I was tapped outjust off purchasing those. With that powder, no polish would be necessary whatsoever. I saw it in-store and it was nice. They only had copper and vintage copper colors too so I figured I’d wait for the silver anyhow. As far as adding anything to the frosted flower rings, yes they are frosted glass btw, I actually like them like that, If I’d had used the powder on the clay I would have loved the frosted/shiny contrast. I am not sure you could add a powder/shine to the flower without covering it with clay or some other method. This clay can be purchased at It is the only product they sell and ship. The kit comes with everything you need and even some chatons! I bought extra chatons though. Once you have the kit, there are directions and even a link to a how-to video crated by the inventor. Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  3. I just wanted to let you know (I have a feeling you already do) about metal clay. I just saw a site and some of the videos on it after they made the jewelry it was actually silver or gold or copper etc. The silver was beautiful. and you can made rings. I have the site location if you are interested. A combination of the two might be magnificant. It would remind me of lalique and silver. Anyways here’s the site info:

    It seems very easy to do and I don’t think it would be very expensive, but I do not know. Sometimes when we cannot afford a certain tool etc. we are very creative with coming up with out own. And as creative as your are that definitely would not be a problem.

    Thanks for at lease reading this.

    • I have heard of metal clay! I would absolutely looooove to work with it but the clays need to be fired at high temperatures so a kiln would be needed. I am sure these are probably expensive. Even if they aren’t, I work from home and my space is limited. At the time, I do not have a studio/room dedicated to my crafts. This limits me as far as metalsmithing and working with clays goes. I plan on eventually finding a space to explore these other facets of the craft. I would adore being able to make my own findings, bezels, etc. I appreciate the website link and I have bookmarked the page for further reference. Thanks so much!!!

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